Saturday, September 27, 2008

Red Stew

Jacob came out of his mama with Esau's ankle in his right hand, typing "red stew" into the air with his left. Try the latter. You can too.

Jen slept in late this morning, waited till I was good and hungry. Then got up and made french toast, which she knows is one of my Scooby snacks. The oil in the pan sizzled, as it does.

Jen opened up the freezer, rustling the sausage packaging with Pavlovian flair. As if she'd just thought of it, she paused her humming and brought up the DMV. "Jetta needs new tags," she said, as my stomach gnawed its lining in the den. "Uhhhn" I captively replied, sipping day-old coffee.

"Want some breakfast?" she asked. "Uhhng" said my belly, furry and red.


Annalese said...

nice piece.

karen and i went blackberry picking today and thought of you.

hope all's well with you and jen and the furry friends.

Nathan First said...

Thanks Annalese.

Ach, blackberry season in Vancouver. God I miss it -- berries big as watermelons. (Do I remember right?)

Hope your faces were stained purple for work today. If so, you done me proud. Tell Karen hi for me.